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As that you can fully grasp from the title, Deventer; some of the oldest 4 cities within the Netherlands. Just considering the fact that of this, it’s a historic open-air museum that must be visited and visible. Of path the Deventer journey guide article will inform you a large number about this cute metropolis, but let’s begin with the expertise about Deventer.

About Deventer

While it was thought that Deventer was founded in 768; It is discovered that it was older in the excavations made in 1981 – 2006. As a result of these excavations, it is reported that the first settlement dates back to the Bronze Age. In addition, it is said that there was a castle here in the Roman period and the name of the city came from here. By the way, the name of that castle was Deventeria. Of course, there is no concrete evidence about this.
Deventer was established on the banks of the Ijssel River; one of the must-see places with its cute and beautiful. Yes, you say that you cannot see a few cities, but I am talking about historical houses and a quiet area.

How To Get To Deventer?

Accommodation in Deventer
There are alternatives for accommodation in Deventer, but my advice is Hotel Finch, a new hotel. It is one of the preferred places with its beautiful decoration, staff and delicious breakfast. Moreover, it is located right next to the Turkish Consulate General in Deventer.
Of course, there are also hotel or various accommodation options.

Bicycle Rental in Deventer
I’ll give you a nice point so make a note. Muro Bike aka Murat Abi. He came to Deventer years ago and opened a beautiful place. He is both pleasant and welcoming. You can rent your bike here. He was also present with coffee and he gave the necessary details.
Let me convey this note to you; Bicycle theft is very common across the Netherlands, so it is essential to lock and follow some rules.

I’ll give you a nice point so make a note. Muro Bike aka Murat Abi. He came to Deventer years ago and opened a beautiful place. He is both pleasant and welcoming. You can rent your bike here. He was also present with coffee and he gave the necessary details.
Let me convey this note to you; Bicycle theft is very common across the Netherlands, so it is essential to lock and follow some rules.

Places to See in Deventer

We came to the most important part of the Deventer Travel Guide article. It is useful to say from the beginning; you can tour the city on foot or the other nice road by bike. I definitely call a bike because there are many beautiful places outside and outside of the city. Not so much outside. When you cross the bridge, you can continue on the road right next to the fields with the river on one side and the corn fields on the other. It is so pleasant and so beautiful ..

Deventer City Square
I can say that this is the most active place in the city. Cafes and restaurants, walking areas, etc. Are always here. If you wish, explore on foot or watch people as you sit down and sip your drink. This is definitely a very enjoyable square. Moreover, it is so old and well preserved.

The building in Deventer City Square, Brink; today serves as a kind of museum. We can even call it the Deventer City Museum.

Deventer Market
The market that starts early in the morning and continues until noon is also set up in this square. Like our street markets, there is also a food section. You can find and taste various tastes such as fried fish, etc. I don’t need to say that cheese and various local flavors are sold. As a market lover, it is possible to witness the culture and buy a few delicious foods.

Deventer Streets
Actually, I have to put it in the first place, but I said, let’s write the exercise. The structures are very well preserved. You can even understand the detail of this protection by looking at the structures from the side. It is a very old wood and has authentic façade coatings right above it. There are many structures that are found this way, and each one is more beautiful than each other. You can keep your camera ready and capture lots of frames in these cute streets. Sometimes you can take a break and drink something and set off again.

Other Side of the River and Bridge
As I said, the city is not big but it is much more enjoyable and fun to travel by bike. So I think you have a bike and I tell you the route; You leave the city, go along the river and cross the bridge you see. There are bars and cafes located by the river. If you say I don’t like it then you can enjoy cycling on empty roads.

Where and What to Eat in Deventer?

We came to the most delicious part of Deventer Travel Guide article. Actually, we said the city was small, but all the tastes I experienced were beautiful. There were many choices from the Michelin restaurant to the areas where you can find world flavors. Moreover, Deventer’s first and only local beer Davo is one of them.

Restaurant Bouwkunde
This was the place that came to my mind during my Deventer trip and I found it appropriate to put it first.
You can choose from the menu or settle for the menu prepared by the chef for you. Of course, I left myself the second one, to the chef’s suggestion. This menu changes every day. Of course, progress is made with fresh and seasonal choices. You just have to say how many services you would like to receive beforehand. It was a place I liked very much with its start, intermediate heat and main meal. The price is not so expensive and is not an exaggeration.

Goesting Urban Bistro
This charming bistro was also where I found myself as soon as I reached Deventer. I said a cold beer and some tuna fish. The presentation and taste was very good. I went to ask if I could eat, but I wiped those on the table. Watching the square and having a pleasant time can be a very nice experience to sit here and relax.

Meadow deventer
I mentioned that the city was built on the banks of the Ijssel River. Here is a pleasant place right by the river. Can sit on the river bank or inland; You can take delicious snacks and drinks and have a pleasant time.

This was one of the most enjoyable places for me. Let me try to explain you as follows; Think of a space and it hosts dishes from many different cultures and countries. To purchase, you first get a card, then load money inside, and then you make your choice and go to your table.
This is by the side of a tiny river and a very pleasant spot. You can find Turkish cuisine, Chinese dishes, burgers, snacks, cold yogurt, dessert and more here. There is also a suitable area for children and this is a place where you can enjoy and eat well.

Breakfast at Hotel Finch
Of course we would like a pleasant breakfast and the address of this is Hotel Finch, where I stay. Breakfast service is available until 11:00 and it is a place that offers both varied and delicious breakfast. Except that; It is also an ideal place for a drink and its decoration is great.

Stadsbrouwerij DAVO
I left an enjoyable point to the end. Deventer Travel Guide should be finished with pleasure, right? Davo, the first and only local beer of Deventer. While the cafe owner friends sit and chat one day; They said, “Why should Deventer not be a beer brand?” Afterwards, they both opened a beautiful area and heard the region with various beer production.
You can also go to this beer production area for a similar experience; you can also get a tasting menu and have a fun day.
In the place, the bar and production area are almost together and they have a pleasant garden.

Deventer briefly ..

I tried to explain many things about Deventer in the article or Youtube video that I left above if you wish. I believe I have given the Deventer Travel Guide article, but I would like you to think as follows; Think of a city old, beautifully preserved and quite calm. Deventer is such a place. Unfortunately, there is overcrowding in touristic areas. When we consider the effect of the cost on it; Deventer is one of the places to visit and see and taste.

Enjoyable travels ..

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